Marketing Solutions for Small/Local Businesses

It does not matter if your business is Internet-based, a locally-based storefront, or both.  We have solutions that drive organic and/or paid traffic to wherever it is needed.

Our mission is to help small/local businesses look, act, and successfully perform like their larger local, regional, and national competition.

                                   We Have Your Back!

Some of Our Solution Based Services


Cost-effective proven solutions are what make up your custom service packages.


Custom service packages make up the major active components of the unique marketing plan that is developed with and for each of our customers.


Search Engine Optimization is a must for every business. It gets your brand seen by more people on Google and the other search engines.  It is not just some website-related activity.  To be successful, practically every marketing activity has its own elements of SEO that must be addressed.  Ask us about our distributed SEO solutions!

Internet & Local Marketing

Running a local business is a challenge.  Being successful and recognized as a leader is even more challenging.  Having a custom marketing plan is key when it comes to solutions that work together in achieving your marketing goals.  Would you settle for market niche domination?  Ask us…


Video does not have to be something found only on a website.  Ever heard of Video Sales Letters?   What about the newer short-form video formats?  they are much more affordable than the traditional longer video formats.  Have you tried personalized videos?  Video is more attractive & valuable than ever when it comes to boosting sales.

Web Design

Nobody likes old, ugly websites.  A website should look fresh, well maintained, and impressive.  A great website establishes you as an authority.  We offer new websites as well as website make-overs that are mobile-friendly.  Your website is your business’s anchor on the Internet.


Get in front of your audience with optimized organic and/or paid ad services tailored for your business.  Being cost-effective is always an integral part of the plan.  Maximizing free organic traffic is paramount & is at the top of the list.

Social Media

A strong social media presence provides your business with a good reputation & adds to the authority image.  Use that presence to drive traffic where your business needs it.  Social Media educates, provides answers, & stimulates potential & previous customers to buy from you.

Reports & Statistics

You can expect to see timely reports with information & statistics on the solutions implemented to improve your business & its bottom line.  Accountability is what you expect and accountability is what you get.  Do you have questions?  We are there for you.

Security & Legal

Are you aware of the legal requirements imposed on websites & their owners?  Ever heard of GDPR or ADA?  Noncompliance can mean fines.  You protect your personal PC from hackers.  What about protecting your websites from hackers and legal trolls?  We have the cost-effective solutions you need.

Micro Services

Not every service has to be a huge costly undertaking.  Several are small, less costly & less time-consuming projects.  Some are scaleable.  They all impact businesses in very positive ways & they all add to the overall good.  We will introduce you to them & show you how they make positive business impacts.

Your Business Will Sell More

We are serious about taking your business to the next level.  When you start working with us, your business will generate more visitors which translates into more sales. Our goal for your business is having it accomplish greater success without having a financial burden placed upon it.  We expect our customers to be happy, satisfied, and more successful than they have been.  Be a success story.  Contact us now for more details.

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